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Lamont T. • Posted on 12/7/2019 • General

Please pray for my son, Lamont Thompson, he is in the hospital and has had a stroke, he left side is affected and I want the Lord to please give him a Miracle he is no longer to care for himself. I want him to move to California and live with me, I have a inheritance that is held up, that gives me a house, and I want papers to move in it please pray for Him, and me to get papers for me to move in my house.

Pamela M. • Posted on 12/7/2019 • General

Need healing in my neck back stomach and blood pressure and breast and legs

Sheila M. • Posted on 10/30/2019 • General

Hello, Iam a christian who in need of prayer for me and family.and i have to go to rent court on friday 11- 1-19. I am behind one month now iam working on Oct rent. I pray for favor. I felt behind using using overdraft loan every week and helping my daughter with six kids. Pray for my two cases on the job will be approved. I had for hurt with rototar cuff tendonitis from tying. I did apply for help with rent but i was denied because i work and i had to show proof. My landlord has been a God send but she have to file for late rent. I dont feel safe where i live with drugs. I pray that my daughter kids do better in school with math and mentors. I pray all of there fathers. My daughter needs a better house and car and day shift job. I pray for my granddaughter erica get all her college supplies. I am trying to help all. I need to get back on track so i can pay my tithes and offerings. Thank u!

Diana H. • Posted on 10/26/2019 • Money

Prayers for my home

Anonymous • Posted on 10/19/2019 • Drug Abuse

Please pray for my husband to be released from of drug use. Asking the Lord to heal him of his addiction.

ROBERT W. • Posted on 10/12/2019 • Petition

Pastor Riley, Sandra, I found you by the leading of GOD. I am blind in my right eye and suffer lack in my finances. As I stand on John 14:14 and Exodus 14:14 I am asking for agreement with you that GOD'S power would hit my life in those and ALL other areas Amen

Robert Tulsa Oklahoma

Anonymous • Posted on 8/17/2019 • Petition

neighbor was talking about harming me because I stare at one of them

adrion m. • Posted on 8/17/2019 • Sexual Issues

wait on deliverance stong hold of the spirit lustful thought

Anonymous • Posted on 4/6/2019 • Thanksgiving

I need prayer for the manifestation of the Will that left me a house that is sitting empty that is trying to be stolen from me by a sister that is holding or have destroyed the will. I want God to bless me with a document so that I can move in the house right away. I need to move from where I am. The rent has went up to over a thousand dollars a month, and I only get 939.00 on social security. I want to move by next month this time. A Miracle. My name is Jeanette Ramsey.

Anonymous • Posted on 3/30/2019 • Parenthood

Cover my child my stepchildren my nieces my nephew in Jesus name

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